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Know Lenvatinib (Lenvima) Cost in Usa, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore

Know Lenvatinib (Lenvima) Cost in Usa, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore

It is known that the cost of Lenvatinib is around Rs 75k per month if you buy in local malaysia pharmacy. Lenvatinib (Lenvima) price is less than 3$ per pill in Usa, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore by Medixo Centre. Lenvatinib is a kinase inhibitor that is useful in treating a wide number of cancer types. The drug blocks the abnormal protein cells that are responsible for cancer. Thus, it prevents existing cancer from spreading to other parts of the body. Mainly, it is used to treat a special type of thyroid cancer when the cancer is not responding to other treatment options such as radioactive iodine. You can Check Lenvatinib cost in Usa With Free Home Delivery from Medixocentre.

Apart from thyroid cancer, Lenvatinib is also helpful in treating many other cancer types such as renal cell carcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, and a kind of endometrium cancer. In all these cancer cases, Lenvatinib is used in combination with any other cancer treatment procedure such as chemotherapy and keytruda. The drug is also used when cancer cannot be treated with the help of surgery.

Lenvatinib (Lenvima) Cost in Malaysia

Lenvatinib is a prescription drug and is sold under the brand name of Lenvima most popularly. It is a prescription drug and is available from drug store only when the buyer presents an appropriate prescription from a certified doctor. The drug can cause a number of side effects such as pain, breathlessness, weakness, troule in vision and talking, and others.

Apart from the side effects, another problem that the patients face is Lenvatinib Cost. The price of the drug is quite expensive and many patients cannot afford it for their treatment. Lenvima was introduced in Malaysia in the year 2016 and since then it has been helpful in treating many cancer cases. But it was due to its cost that many patients were not able to afford it. Lenvatinib Cost in Malaysia is out of pocket for most of the patients.

As per different online sites, Lenvima may come at a cost of around $2100 depending upon the place from where you are purchasing it.

While a few years ago, there was only one name Lenvima in the segment of Lenvatinib, now there are many more options coming up that are generic in nature and are available at a much convenient and affordable cost.

Lenvatinib (Lenvima) Cost in Philippines

Though the most commonly available drug Lenvima is available in two variants, the 4mg variant is most commonly found in Philippines. The Lenvatinib Cost in the Philippines is somewhere around PHP 40,000 and this can vary from seller to seller.

Whether you are buying from a drugstore or an online store, the Lenvatinib prices will vary depending upon the percentage of discount that the seller is offering over the medicine. Of course, due to the increasing competition in the medicine market too, there are now a number of online stores that may offer a good discount over the medicine. Hence, one of the best ideas is to compare the prices before buying. But another great idea today is to compare the medicines also along with the price.

Earlier, there was only one name Lenvima in the market under the composition name Lenvatinib. But now there are other brands too coming up slowly that are selling the same composition at a much lower price than Lenvima.

Lenvatinib (Lenvima) Cost in Singapore

Just similar to Lenvatinib Cost in Singapore, its price in Singapore is also somewhere around $21,000. The most popular brand Lenvima was introduced in the year 2016 in Singapore also. Since then, many doctors have been prescribing the drug to many patients who have been suffering from thyroid cancer and have gone through other treatment options such as chemotherapy.

But similar to other countries such as Malaysia and Philippines, the Lenvatinib (lenvima) Cost in Singapore is too high and unaffordable by many segments of the population. Of course, there are some online sites that may offer a good discount over the medicine that brings down the price of the drug. But still the price remains so high that consuming it regularly and for a long time can cause trouble to many. Again, similar to the above-mentioned countries, now many other brands are also entering into the market of Lenvatinib that are all set to offer patients with the same composition at a much lesser cost.

Lenvatinib (Lenvima) Cost in India

When you talk about India, Lenvatinib was introduced somewhere in the year 2017. Many medical experts have prescribed this drug to many of the cancer patients since its inception in the country. But India also faced the same trouble as many other countries across the globe did in terms of the pricing of the drug. Doctors often prescribed the drug name Lenvima that is quite costly and often unaffordable by many patients. Of course many of the online medical sites tried to bring down the lenvatinib (Lenvima) Cost in India for the customers by offering several offer and discounts. But still it was quite expensive.

It is in the recent days when many other drug brands such as BDR and Natco have also introduced the drug with the same composition but at a much lower cost.

On an average, 30 tablets of Lenvima are available at a price of Rs. 75k. On the contrary, the brand BDR has come up with the generic Lenvatinib tablets that cost is very affordable. Similarly, the well-known brand Natco has come up with the Lenvat Capsule that costs only 10% of Lenvima brand. Generic has same effectiveness as branded medicine.

These mentioned prices are not specific costs of the tablets. It may bit vary. Once you interested with Indian affordable brand then you can check current price with us by contacting through WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, Line WeChat, Facebook etc. We are shipping worldwide including USA, UK, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China, Australia & many other countries. You can buy lenvatinib online from us at very hefty discount with 100% guaranteed delivery.

It is very much important to understand that the composition drug Lenvatinib can be extremely fatal if it reacts in a wrong way with your body. You should always get in touch with a proper doctor regarding your cancer condition and should only start consuming the drug under the supervision of a medical professional. While the Cost of the drug has come down now due to the introduction of the tablets by many other brands, you can check online with us to get good discounts on the drug.

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