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  • Buy Nitib 140 mg Capsule Online with 100% Guaranteed Delivery
Buy Nitib 140 mg Capsule Online with 100% Guaranteed Delivery

Buy Nitib 140 mg Capsule Online with 100% Guaranteed Delivery

  • Brand Name: Nitib 140 mg
  • International Trade Name: N/A
  • Manufacturing Company: Hetero
  • Composition: Ibrutinib 140mg
  • Prescription Required: Yes
  • Packing: 30 Capsule
  • Category: Anti Cancer
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Buy Nitib 140 mg Capsule Online from India

Nitib 140 mg Capsule has proven to be an excellent medication for treating cancer-related diseases such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia, marginal zone lymphoma, Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia, and others. Generally known as Ibrutinib, this drug belongs to the class of kinase inhibitors. This drug is useful in treating cancer by either stopping or slowing down the cancer cells' growth.

Nitib 140 mg is manufactured by Hetero Healthcare LTD. Apart from treating cancer; Nitib is also used in treating issues that may come up after stem cell transplant.

Nitib 140 mg Capsule Dosage

Nitib is available in the form of capsules. The capsules are available in the dosage of 140 mg. The patient needs to swallow the capsule or tablet of the right dose with water once a day. The right dose can only be suggested by the doctor after diagnosing the condition. Hence, for Nitib 140 mg Capsule Buy Online option, a prescription from a medical expert is a must.

Nitib 140 mg Capsule Side effects/ Caution

If the doctor has prescribed this medicine to you, it can actually work out well for you. Some patients do not suffer from any kind of side effects while consuming Nitib. But if you face issues such as an upset stomach, decreased appetite, swelling at different parts of the body, muscle cramps, bloody stool, bruising, shortening of breath, and others, you should definitely get in touch with your doctor.

While consuming this medicine, it is also important to take care of a few cautions. First of all, you should never start this medicine without a proper prescription. When you meet the doctor, discuss the allergies that you have, the health conditions you have, and the other regular medicines you take. Often, Nitib 140 mg Capsule may react with these elements and can cause side effects.

Nitib 140 mg Capsule Price in India

Since, we are wholesaler and exporter so Nitib 140 mg Price is quite reasonable with us. It depends on the dosages that you are buying and also the number of capsules that are there in the bottles. Nitib 140 mg Capsule is now being prescribed by many doctors. The medicine is definitely known to show up significant results if consumed in the right dose and as suggested by the doctor.

We believe in healing. If you want to purchase Nitib 140 mg Capsule, place an order online with us today and we will deliver it to your destination.

Our pharmacy has been making efforts to improve the lives of cancer patients by providing generic anti-cancer medicine at hefty discounts.



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