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Know Gleevec (Imatinib) price in Philippines, Usa, Uk, Australia & More

Know Gleevec (Imatinib) price in Philippines, Usa, Uk, Australia & More

While treating cancer following the method of chemotherapy, doctors suggest Imatinib. It is taken orally by the patients suffering primarily from CML and ALL, certain types of GIST, HES, and Philadelphia chromosome (Ph+) positive to get some relief. It was first used in the United States of America in the year 2001. Gleevec Cost varies grossly in different countries and is one of the high-priced oral drugs until the introduction of the generic version Imatinib Gleevec price in the year 2017.

Price of generic Gleevec (Imatinib) At Medixocentre

There are numerous online pharmacies throughout the globe, selling both branded as well as generic versions. It is best to Buy Imatinib Online as almost all manufacturers and suppliers provide hefty concessions on the purchase but before purchasing online you need to make sure about pharmacy goodwill. It is the most important thing to check reviews and if they have license or not. Many ailing patients purchase the most popular generic version of the medicine online from a trusted source only. Gleevec (Imatinib) Cost At Medixo Centre, We assure you for the genuine quality of medicine. Once you will buy then you will be our regular customer for sure.

Price of Gleevec (Imatinib) in Philippines & India

Although Gleevec price is too high in the United States and many other countries, some of the generic versions of the drug are available in the Philippines. They are very popular in treating CML, ALL, Ph+. Imatinib price in Philippines is quite expensive so patient prefers to import online from India. The tablet is available in 100 mg * 400mg strength and is priced much less in the Philippines.

Again, GIPAP, a foundation of Novartis, started to distribute free Imatinib tablets to the poorest of the poor in the Philippines with the vision of direct to patient programs. However, although the program is a massive success in the country, it was aimed at a particular economic class of people. Thus the generic medicine mostly imported from India after the patent rights were quashed in the country for generic medicines entered the Philippine market. Medixo Centre is the key exporter and supplier from India to the Philippines. They are available at some of the lowest prices one could ever imagine.

Imatinib Price in India varies greatly and is between $ 50 - $ 90 (a pack of 30 tablets 400mg) depending on the strength and brand. One of the most popular brands of this medicine sold in India is Veenat 100 mg and Veenat 400mg, With the generic medicines available in the country and an increase in competition, prices have come down to a much extent. In the year 2001, India was changing its patent policy, and that time the drug was launched at a high price.

The prime manufacturer Novartis launched Gleevec in India, and their patent protection was challenged in the Supreme Court. After a long battle for nearly 12 years, the Supreme Court of India quashed Novartis's plea. The court said the ingredient was never new. It said that the drug is governed by the country's new patent law and not the old one. Thus the doors opened for other manufacturers for producing Imatinib in the country, cutting down the monopoly and the production and selling cost.

At least 13 countries started to import the drug from India. In the year, the Generic version of Imatinib was launched in India, cutting down the cost more. Novartis, the Gleevec manufacturer, had an out of court settlement with the generic drug manufacturer as they had already lost the case in the Supreme court. Now, India is one of the highest producers of generic drugs and offering the lowest price.

Since we are licensed pharmaceuticals and shipping worldwide. If you want to know price and want to buy online generic Imatinib at our best current possible discounted price then you can send us an email at or for a quick response directly send a message to our WhatsApp/Viber

Price of Gleevec (Imatinib) in USA and UK

During the initial years, Cost of Gleevec in USA and UK was too high, and the price was around the US $ 40,000. However, over time, the price soared to the US $ 140,000/- and it became unaffordable in the hands of ordinary people. It seemed the manufacturer was trying to pull up their investment in research and development and production cost within two years of introducing this medicine. The generic version came into the limelight, and the cost came down by 70 to 80%. Today the cost of Imatinib is around US $ 31 000 per year in the UK, and the cost is around US $ 48000 in the USA. Initially, the generic and the branded version of Imatinib were available at around the same price, and it took some time for the generic drug to be around 70 to 80% cheaper.

Price of Gleevec (Imatinib) in Australia

The pricing structure of Imatinib is a bit different in Australia. The Australian Government gives subsidies to the patients for using this drug, and it is available in a non-subsidized rate. Therefore, Imatinib Cost in Australia varies substantially. The patients are categorized as general patients without any concession Card but holding Medicare cards, patients holding both the cards and patents without any of the cards, and SN cardholders. While the SN cardholders get the drug free of cost, the concessional cardholders get them at around the US $ 6.Again, PBS cardholders get them at around 41 dollars, and patients without any card can pay around 2000 dollars for 30 tablets of 400mg strength.


Imatinib is one of the medicines listed in the World Health Organizations’ list of essential medicines. Although the medicine price is too high for ordinary people for the branded product, the generic version gives some relief in the pocket. This oral chemotherapy drug gives much relief to the patients.

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