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Veenat 400mg

  • Brand Name: Veenat
  • International Trade Name: Gleevec
  • Manufacturing Company: Natco
  • Composition: Imatinib 400 mg
  • Prescription Required: Yes
  • Packing: 30 Tablets
  • Category: Anti Cancer

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What is Veenat 400mg Tablet?

Veenat 400mg medicine generically known as (imatinib) gets manufactured by Natco Pharma Ltd.has been widely used in treating patients suffering from cancer. This medicine is known to restrict the growth of certain cancerous cells leading to blood cancer, intestine, bone marrow etc. This drug is also called as a trade name “Gleevec 400mg” and has been widely prescribed by a lot of physicians these days.

This medicine is prescribed for various cancers and some of them are as listed below:

Chronic myelogenous leukemia, acute lymphoblastic Leukemia, Myeloproliferative disorder, gastrointestinal stromal tumor etc is some of the diseases that can be treated effectively with the prescription of Veenat 400mg medicines.

Directions to use:     

This medicine has to be taken on a regular basis as long as prescribed. One should remember to not this medicine and in case of the missing dosage, the medicine has to be taken immediately without fail. Doses have to be taken as scheduled and do get in touch with your doctor in case the dosage is missed continuously.


  1. This medicine is known to create adverse effects when they are consumed alongside medicines like Etanercept, BCG vaccine, Warfarin, Colchicine, Pimozide, and Cisapride.
  2. It is known to have moderate interactions while consumed with medicines such as Carbamazepine, Clarithromycin, Phenobarbital, and Dexamethasone.
  3. Also, people suffering from heart or any vessel-related disorder should seek a doctor’s consultation before taking this medicine.
  4. People suffering from bone marrow suppression, kidney, and liver impairment issues should also get proper advice before consuming this medicine.
  5. Eating grapefruit in any form can be dangerous while taking this medicine.
  6. Get regular blood tests done while taking this medicine
  7. Staying away from alcohol while taking this medicine can be beneficial though there are no proven data available for this.
  8. Explain your medical history completely to the doctor before taking this medicine.
  9. Pregnant women, lactating women, and breastfeeding mothers should check with their doctors before taking this medicine.
  10. This medicine should be taken only with food, taking this medicine on an empty stomach can lead to complications.
  11. Please consult a doctor before prescribing this medicine orally to people having Hypothyroidism, elderly people, Fluid retention and edema, internal bleeding or hemorrhage etc.

Side Effects:

A lot of patients have complained about:

  1. Mouth sores
  2. Diarrhea with vomiting and being extremely nauseatic
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Digestive system-related disorders
  5. Pain in joints, muscles and also stiffness
  6. Insomnia
  7. Skin rashes and constant itching
  8. Fast and irregular heartbeat
  9. Stools with traces of blood

What is the price of Veenat 400 in India?

This anti-cancer medicine, Veenat 400 mg buy online process is quite simple and also every patient can easily buy this medicine without having to visit the dispensaries. You can buy Generic Imatinib 50% OFF at the lowest price in India and USA is quite affordable hence; a lot of doctors these days prescribe this medicine for a lot of their patients.

Safety Advice


Strictly avoid taking alcohol, directly cut off from it in taking even a small amount of alcohol or even grape juice during your treatment might result in a temporary change in your blood count. It is very important to follow the guidelines provided by your doctor. Alcohol and grape juice might result in interaction with the drug.


Some scientific results show that the drug may affect the fertility of a man, it may damage sperm and may also harm the fetus if used during pregnancy. It is better to have a negative pregnancy test before using this drug. Please consult your doctor for more.


Veenat 400mg affects the fertility of a man and may also damage a growing fetus, so it is recommended to avoid breastfeeding. Although in case of emergency you can contact your doctor for any expert advice.


Some of the side effects of this drug include headache, skin rashes, tiredness and nausea.if you are experiencing any of these then do not drive a car or operate any kind of machinery. Immediately contact your health care if the symptoms continue to bother.


There are no major cases associated with severe liver damage or failure. However, in some cases, acute liver injury can be seen which sometimes is fatal. Treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor.

  Doctor Advice

During treatment with Veenat 400mg (imatinib) it is seen that people gain weight very quickly and the water might retain in your body, so make sure you take regular blood tests and be weighed regularly. Also in case of any severe symptoms immediately consult with a well experienced doctor. Do not immediately stop using the medicine without consulting any doctor it may lead to bothersome effects on your body.



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