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Zytiga (Abiraterone) Cost in Mexico and Australia

Zytiga (Abiraterone) Cost in Mexico and Australia

When a person has prostate cancer, doctors prescribe Abiraterone acetate commonly sold under the brand name of Zytiga. It is administered in combination of other drugs after removing the testicles, which is one of the methods to arrest mCRPC or metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. The drug is also used for treating mCSPC or metastatic high-risk castration sensitive prostate cancer. Although it has found its place on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines, the branded ones are highly-priced in many countries like Mexico, USA, UK, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia etc. Many people also use the generic Zytiga mainly produced in India, the cost of which are drastically low without compromise in quality. Government subsidy is given in some countries too. 

How Much Does Zytiga (Abiraterone) Cost in Mexico?

Prostate cancer is increasing at an alarming rate. In the year 2018, 1, 277,106 were recorded worldwide, which is 7.1% of all cancer-related ailments in men. In Mexico, 1.22% of all deaths were from prostate cancer in the year 2018, and the number was 6933 and oncologists are trying hard to bring the mortality rate down. 

The cost of medication in Mexico is some lower than the United States of America and other countries, and in some cases, it is cheaper by almost 50% than other methods of treatments. If we look at Abiraterone Cost in Mexico, it is around the US $ 3600 for 120 counts.

The detection of prostate cancer in Mexico can get credit to the development of the healthcare system by the Government. It has been found that people in the age group of 65 years and above suffer from this ailment. In most cases, it is detected at the advanced stage when the scope of arresting the disease becomes challenging, and the cost of treatment with Abiraterone or Zytiga increases. Although the Mexican health authorities had recommended using this drug at the advanced stage, research is going on to give this oral drug in the early stages and see the effects. 

Cost of Zytiga (Abiraterone) in Mexico

Zytiga (Abiraterone) Cost in Mexico is some low because the rules of manufacturing the drug in that country are not that stringent. However, the quality of the medicine is not compromised. Many people across the globe are suffering from mCRPC or mCSPC. They purchase the medicine from Mexico owing to the low cost compared to the Cost of Zytiga or other similar Abiraterone brands in their country.

Earlier patients, especially from the United States of America, had an idea that the drug produced in Mexico was of inferior quality and FDA often used to ban them for use in the United States of America. Still, later it was discovered that it is an only myth and not valid.

Abiraterone cost in Mexico is some low for various reasons. First and foremost is the licensing process. The regulations of drug manufacturing in the country are not that stringent at it allows the manufacturers to cut down the cost of manufacturing considerably. Substances that are not allowed in drugs in other countries can be used in Mexico.

Therefore, the production cost, as well as the sales cost, comes down drastically. Again, Mexican drugs have a long shelf life or expiry date as compared to the drug manufactured in other countries, and this also cuts down the price. In the year 2013, the monthly cost of treatment of a patient in advanced stages of prostate cancer was 40 thousand pesos or about US$ 1900. Today the cost had not risen that much considering the world economy and it is around the US $ 3600.

As it is an oral drug, people can have a better life and do not get the side similar to chemotherapy. As far as it still very expensive compared to the generic versions of Zytiga so patients prefers to acquire generic Zytiga from India.

Zytiga Abiraterone Cost in Australia

Abiraterone in Australia is available under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, and the Australian Government gives subsidy on it. It is sold with the brand name of Zytiga. Abiraterone Cost in Australia is around $ 3460/- for 120 counts and 250mg strength. It is more or less around the price of the same medicine in Mexico. This is a prescription drug and should be recommended by a registered practitioner for purchase availing the PBS.  

Abiraterone cost in India

Abiraterone Cost in India varies in India to a much extent amongst various brands. It is available in very affordable price range less than 220 USD for 120 tablets having the strength of 250mg. Prices may differ to know more about current costing please write us WhatsApp or Email. However, the good news is that although Zytiga is quite expensive in the country but the generic version of Zytiga is available in the brand names of Abirapro, Xbira etc. and they are safe to use and as good as Zytiga.  

Since, we are a licensed pharmaceutical supplier, Exporter and have been shipping worldwide. If you want to know current Abiraterone price and want to buy online generic Zytiga Abiraterone acetate at our best discounted price then you can send us an email at info@medixocentre.com or for a quick response directly send a message to our WhatsApp/Viber at + 91-9999344593.


More and more people who have prostate cancer are purchasing Zytiga from Mexico or getting the generic versions of the Medicine from India is a better option as they are much cheaper in countries where the Government does not subsidize the drug. People are getting better treatment without financial worries.

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