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  • Brand Name: Velpanat
  • International Trade Name: Epclusa
  • Manufacturing Company: Natco
  • Composition: Sofosbuvir & Velpatasvir
  • Prescription Required: Yes
  • Packing: 28 Tablets
  • Category: Hepatitis C
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Velpanat is a combination medicine that is used for the treatment of the disease Hepatitis C. Available under the trade name Epclusa, it is a combination of Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir. These two antiviral medicines combine together to help the patient fight against the infection of Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is a liver infection and is contagious. It can spread through blood contamination that is very much possible through the use of already used needles. Most patients with Hepatitis C infection may not develop symptoms in the early stage and suddenly may come to know about the infection. But there are also cases where patients may experience symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, and yellowing of the skin.

A combination of antiviral medicines is the best way to treat anyone suffering from Hepatitis C infection. Velpanat tablet is one such medicine that is used by doctors today towards treating patients who are suffering from the Hepatitis C infection. Mostly, the doctors prescribe this medicine when the infection has reached the last stage and the infection has turned into chronic Hepatitis C. Velpanat helps in reducing the number of Hepatitis C virus and thus reducing the infection in the body of the patient.

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Velpanat under the brand name Epclusa is available in two types of dosages. One is 400mg/100mg tablets that are diamond-shaped and are pink in colour. The other ones are oval-shaped pink coloured tablets with a weight age of 200mg/50mg. In both cases, the drug is available in a bottle with 28 tablets. The doctor to check the intensity of the infection in you along with many other factors such as any kind of complexity in the body or so and will prescribe the right variant of the medicine accordingly.

Usually, the patient needs to take one pill daily to cure the infection. But it is always a great idea to consult a doctor to understand what exactly should be your dose. The medicine can be taken with food or without food.

Epclusa can cause severe side effects such as the appearance of Hepatitis B. Hence, it is very much crucial that you start the medicine only at the suggestion of a trained physician. The doctor may prescribe some other medicines along with this Epclusa.

Side effects/caution

As mentioned earlier, Velpanat can come with a number of side effects. Some of the common side effects that the medicine can have are:

  • Dizziness and a fainting feel
  • Weakness and tiredness
  • Trouble in breathing and chest pain
  • Confusion and memory problem
  • Reduction in RBC
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Diarrhea

When you face such side effects, you should immediately tell your doctor about it as Epclusa can also lead to reactivation of Hepatitis B in the body.

Before you start this medicine, you should surely discuss with the doctor a number of points such as,

  1. If you are pregnant or lactating
  2. If you have some other diseases too apart from the Hepatitis C infection
  3. You are on any kind of regular medication
  4. If you are addicted to any substance such as alcohol

In the case of all the above cases, you should definitely talk to the doctor so that the doctor can diagnose your condition properly and then prescribe you the medicine.

It is a medicine that has severe side effects. Hence, you should meet a certified doctor for your Hepatitis C condition and should have a discussion with the doctor whether you should start with the medicine or not. If the doctor checks you thoroughly and prescribes you the drug, then only you should go ahead to buy it.

Usually, the doctor will also prescribe you some more supportive medicines along with this medicine depending upon your situation and your lifestyle. Hence, it becomes even more important that you start with this medicine only after getting checked by a proper doctor.

Safety Advice

Alcohol Alcohol

Patients suffering from hepatitis C must avoid excessive alcohol consumption as it causes inflammation and liver scarring. So it is best to avoid alcohol and consult a doctor for further assistance.

Pregnancy Pregnancy

Intake of this medicine during pregnancy can have a serious effect on the unborn child. Although not much is known, the medicine must be consumed as per the guidance f a doctor. Take a consultation with the doctor before consuming this medicine for pregnant women.

Breastfeeding Breastfeeding

It has not shown much effect on breastfeeding mothers. However if possible it is best not to use this medicine while breastfeeding the newborn. Doctors can recommend it based on the clinical health of the patient. They can either ask to stop breastfeeding or prevent the consumption of medicine in certain cases. It is safe to use if prescribed by a doctor.

Driving Driving

Velpanat Tablet can interrupt the driving ability of the patient. It is seen that driving after consumption of this medicine can cause blurred vision, dizziness, and sleepiness, hence proving fatal for driving. So it is best to avoid driving while being on this medication.

Liver Liver

Patients suffering from liver ailment can safely consume Velpanat when prescribed by a doctor. But it is best to inform the doctor in case the patient is suffering from kidney disease as well. This is because people with kidney malfunction must use this medication with heavy caution.

Doctor Advice Doctor Advice

Under the supervision of a medical professional, the consumption of this medicine can have the best possible usage. Different patients might have various clinical conditions and so the treatment period may also varies 12-weeks or 24weeks. So a doctor can effectively guide and educate the patient about the usage and effect of this medicine. It is most important to keep in touch with your doctor during the treatment.



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