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Cost of Harvoni in Usa, Under $480 12 week Treatment - Medixo

Cost of Harvoni in Usa, Under $480 12 week Treatment - Medixo

Harvoni is available almost everywhere and some of the countries where it is easily available are Europe, Canada, India, and the United States of America. It’s quite evident that Harvoni is pretty expensive and in some of the countries like Romania, USA, Latvia, Poland, Russia, United Kingdom, Canada and France, it has become quite difficult to be affordable too. Harvoni Cost in the US is close to $94,000. The same Harvoni Cost in Mexico is approximately $82,000. The price of Harvoni is pretty exorbitant in almost all countries. India the Harvoni cost of generic Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir tablets price is below $ 480 - for a “12-week duration” with shipping.

How much does Harvoni Cost?

As there are several companies like Natco, Hetero, Zydus Cadila, and Mylan that manufacture Harvoni in India. The licenses are given to 7 companies in total for the production of generic Harvoni in India. And out of which Natco Pharma and Hetero are the two main producers of this medicine in India. It is manufactured under the brand name Hepcinat LP, Ledifos, Ledikast, Ledihep, Resof L, MyHep Lvir, and More...

Harvoni Cost in Mexico and other European countries have been quite expensive. Harvoni Cost in India is USD 84,000 for a 12-week duration while generic Harvoni costs only below $480 for a complete 12-week course with shipping. There are a lot of online dealers who sell Harvoni through whom the patients can buy generic harvoni India.

Also, knowing about the generic harvoni cost in the other countries is also possible through the online medium and in order to make it easily available for a lot of patients. The doctors also suggest the patients buy these medicines through online channels. As we provide Indian generic Harvoni easily to patients all over the world. At Medixo Centre, You can make a hassle-free purchase of Indian Harvoni at the best cost.

Since, we are a licensed pharmaceutical supplier, Exporter and have been shipping worldwide. If you want to buy online generic Harvoni at our best-discounted price then you can send us an email at or for a quick response directly send a message to our WhatsApp/Viber at

Why does Harvoni Cost so much?

Harvoni is one of the extensively prescribed medicines to treat chronic Hepatitis C Medicine. This is one of those medicines which have been prescribed by a lot of doctors these days as it is known to be extremely effective in treating Hepatitis C and since these medicines are also available online it becomes easy to buy generic Harvoni online as well. The generic names of Harvoni are Ledipasvir-Sofosbuvir. If Cost of Harvoni compared to Indian generic Harvoni, then the Price of Harvoni is very high.

Unlike the other Medicine Harvoni does not have to be taken in multiple dosages. A lot of people have come back with various questions related to Hepatitis C treatment. In the below article, there is information that would help you all understand more about Harvoni. Harvoni at times would also be prescribed with other medicines like Ribavirin which is antiviral in nature.

Cost of Harvoni in USA

The duration of the treatment for Hepatitis C through Harvoni is usually 12 weeks. It based on the conditions of the patients the doctors can change the dosage plans. Also, Harvoni is not restricted only to the chemist and the druggist stores. It is available to buy hep c drugs online in order to make it available to all the patients easily Check Cost of Harvoni in USA.

When do I need to take Harvoni?

People who are suffering from chronic Hepatitis C would be prescribed Harvoni. A lot of doctors have found success in helping their patients fight the virus causing Hepatitis C through harvoni. Thus, they recommend it to patients suffering from chronic Hepatitis C.

A patient must always remember to seek advice from their doctors while taking Harvoni as the doctors would run you through several tests before administering Harvoni.

Well, the first and foremost thing one must know is whether they are suffering from Hepatitis C or not. In order to know this, it is important to get the tests done. The tests shall happen only when you meet the doctor and depending on the severity of the problem, the doctors would recommend the right kind of treatment.

What are the dosages and precautions to be followed while taking Harvoni?

Harvoni, unlike the other medicines, need not be taken multiple times in a day. It is a one pill per day regime and based on the severity of the condition, the doctors would make the necessary modifications in the dosages to the patients.

The doctors run their patients through several tests before coming to a conclusion and usually, Harvoni is administered to those that are suffering from Chronic Hepatitis C and not everyone. Hence, Harvoni may not be recommended to everyone in general.

There are certain precautions that one must take while taking Harvoni and usually the doctors would run through all the basic tests in order to find out if the patients have taken any medicines related to Hepatitis A, B, or C prior to this.

What are the things that I need to tell my doctor before taking Harvoni?

There are in fact a lot of things which you must keep your doctors informed about because only then would they be able to administer the right dosages to you. You must always give them a detailed history of the medical conditions that run through your family if you have ever undergone surgeries related to kidney, liver, lungs, or heart.

You must also ensure to tell them if you are still taking medicines for any of the kidney, lungs, liver and heart-related issues because those medicines should not interact with Harvoni and doctors would be able to decide whether or not to prescribe Harvoni to you.

Do not take it as and when you want to if you have missed the dosage. Instead of it, call the doctor right away and they would be able to suggest an alternative method.

Maintaining time becomes mandatory because when the drug levels in the body are maintained constant the effect of the medicine is going to be high. Hence, maintaining the same time every day while taking medicine is important.

Who all can take it?

Harvoni has to be taken orally by mouth and tampering with the tablet or crushing it is not safe because the medicine may lose its effect. Also, it is important to take the medicine the way it is recommended.

Also, remember to read the instructions on the medicine leaflet and also according to the dosages recommended by the doctors, you must take the medicine. Well, there are no restrictions as such while taking Harvoni. Hence, it can be taken with or without food once every day.

Harvoni is usually not recommended to breastfeeding mothers hence, it is important to bring it to the notice of the medical practitioner without fail. Usually, Harvoni would not be recommended to children. It is usually given to adults and that is again dependent on the severity of the condition.

Usually, the doctors would not recommend Harvoni to pregnant ladies. Though there is no evidence to substantiate the harm which Harvoni causes to the fetus so it is always good to stay away from Hep C medicines like these. Hence, if you are diagnosed with hepatitis C while you are pregnant it is important to keep the doctors informed about it.

Harvoni Side Effects:

  1. Some of the side-effects that are reported while taking Harvoni are “headache”, nausea, and vomit.
  2. People have also complained of tiredness and fatigue during their treatment with Harvoni.
  3. Skin allergies, rashes, Swelling, and Itching are some of the other common side-effects that are found while the patients were administered with Harvoni by the doctors.
  4. Some of the patients have also faced trouble in breathing, extreme dizziness, and sore throat when they were given Harvoni.

Is it mandatory to stay away from alcohol while taking Harvoni?

It is always better to stay away from alcohol consumption during any sort of treatment because it can add to the dizziness and since one of the side-effects reported with Harvoni is dizziness. It is better to avoid alcohol consumption when you are under the treatment of Harvoni for Hepatitis C.

A proper consultation from a licensed medical practitioner is always a better choice before taking medicines for any ailments. The same thing is applicable while taking Harvoni too. This medicine has to be taken only after seeking proper medical guidance and the medicines can be bought only with the right prescription.

Which are the other medicines that may interact with Harvoni?

Amiodarone which is also used in the treatment of Hepatitis C is known to interact with Harvoni hence; keeping the doctors informed about the list of medicines that you are taking becomes mandatory. Also, the medicines that contain Sofosbuvir have to be avoided when you are taking Harvoni.

Can I double the dosage if I miss it?

Remember never to take double dosages of this medicine as it can lead to complications. Consulting your doctor is important. Also, it is fine to skip the missed dose of medicine and then resume the normal regime of the medicine as usual. However, taking double doses at the same time can lead to complications.

Do not expose the medicine to extreme heat; store it in cool and dry areas and remember never to drain the medicines down the toilets. Also, take precautions while discarding the medicine. Also, remember to consume medicine before expiry.

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