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Gilotrif cost

Gilotrif cost

Gilotrif is a medication drug used for the treatment of patients suffering with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread to other body parts. EFGR or Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor is a kind of a protein that is found on a few types of cells and is responsible for signalling of cells. It also controls division of cells and its survival. So this tablet is mainly used for the cancer patients whose cancer cells go through a few changes in EFGR gene or protein. In some patients, treatment of this condition with anti-cancer drugs like platinum causes the cancer to spread even more to other parts of the body and make the condition worse.

Gilotrif tablet works well in curing or treating such kind of situation too. This medication basically blocks the proteins that are made by the mutated EFGR and thus prevents these cancer cells from multiplying. It generic name is afatininb dimaleate.


This kinase inhibitor has a lot of adverse side effects, so it has to be taken according to the doctor’s prescription. Dosage basically depends on a how serious a patient’s condition is and how much a person can tolerate this medication. The recommended dosage is a one 40 mg tablet which has to be taken orally by the patient daily. An important thing about the consumption of this drug is that the patient can take this medication an hour before the meal or after 2 hours post meal.

Taking this medication daily may cause some adverse side effects like diarrhea, renal impairment and intolerable cutaneous reactions, all with grade 2 or 3 or maybe even more than that. In such a case, the treatment with gilotrif is paused and medications to cure the side effects are given to the patients. When all the side effects become mild or drop down to grade 1, the gilotrif medication is given to the patient again but with a reduced dosage i.e. about 10 mg daily. This treatment is permanently stopped if the patient suffers from adverse blisters, skin lesions, left ventricular dysfunction or ulcerative keratitis.

How much does Gilotrif (Afatininb) cost in India?

The cost of gilotrif medication varies according to its dosage and also the pharmacy you visit. The price may vary from place to place. Also the prices may differ on the online websites as well. A pack or a bottle of 28 gilotrif tablets costs around INR 52,000. The price of this medication basically depends on the site or the medical shop from where you are purchasing it. It is better to buy this medication online from trusted source. There are also available Indian generic afatininb in the brand name of Afanat manufactured by Natco Pharma which is quite very affordable.

For more information regarding cost please contact us. This medication drug is strictly a prescribed drug, so always purchase it according to how much dosage your doctor has recommended for you. Also if you are consuming medicines other than gilotrif or suffering from any major health issue, inform your doctor about this because these health issuesor medications can affect your gilotrif treatment and worsen your health even more.

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