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Cost of Daklinza (Daclatasvir) 60 mg & Compare prices At Medixo

Cost of Daklinza (Daclatasvir) 60 mg & Compare prices At Medixo

Several years ago, the World Health Organization approved the introduction of Daclatasvir and other DAAs into the treatment protocols for hepatitis C virus. The main advantages of an innovative medicine include high efficiency, regardless of the form of the course of the disease; a relatively small therapeutic course, Daklinza Cost less than $100 while the price of original is $75,000 in the USA, Australia, France and more... which involves taking the drug for twelve to twenty-four weeks; excellent tolerance by patients; the absence of severe side effects and problems associated with their occurrence. The medicine according to the protocol is taken in combination with Sofosbuvir and/or other antiviral agents and does not affect the body as a whole. The drug is positioned as one of the most effective today.

Cost of Daclatasvir (Daklinza) Price in India, USA, Australia, Egypt, Europe and France

Indian generics, which are analogues of the original antiviral drug Daklinza, have a much lower cost than the American remedy. The composition and percentage of active and inactive substances in all drugs are exactly the same, as well as the effect they exert. The difference in Daklinza Price is related to marketing and economic factors, but not to product quality. For a full course of therapy, the Daclatasvir Price in India generics is approximately one thousand dollars. As for Daklinza, its cost is tens of thousands of conventional units. Analog drugs are produced and sold under license and have certificates confirming their quality. Extra charges for the cost of medicines are not provided. We supply them directly from the manufacturer. Now there are also medicines such as Daklinza (Daclatasvir) cost that indirectly help treat Hepatitis C.

What is the cost of Daclatasvir in the treatment of hepatitis C

Daclatasvir in India Not so long ago, in 2012-2013, a real breakthrough occurred in world medicine. New antiviral drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C have been developed and launched. As a result of long-term development, direct antiviral drugs have appeared on the market, namely Sofosbuvir, Daclatasvir, Velpatasvir and Ledipasvir. After a series of studies, high results have been obtained on the effectiveness of these medications. Regardless of the category of patients, the drugs were well tolerated throughout the treatment period. One of the main positive aspects was the almost absolute absence of side effects, which were manifested only in very rare cases. Moreover, patients received a positive result from treatment in 98-99%.

The medicine was synthesized in the laboratory of the American pharmaceutical company "Gilead Sciences". In 2015, after carrying out all the necessary tests, it was put into production. On the market, the drug appeared under the name Daklinza. After a short period of time, the market was supplemented by analog generic drugs, characterized by the same composition and properties, but having a lower price. The cost of the Indian generic in the analogue version is much lower than the original drug, which made the treatment more affordable for all categories of infected people. Currently popular Daklinza generics are Daclahep, Natdac, Dacihep, you can purchase them on our website. Now there are also medicines such as Daklinza (Daclatasvir) price that indirectly help treat Hepatitis C.

The benefits of antiviral agents

Antiviral medications of this group are characterized by important advantages:

  1. the effectiveness of the treatment is from 98 to 99%;
  2. the duration of the therapeutic course decreased by half (twelve or twenty-four weeks of admission);
  3. the risk of developing complex complications, such as cirrhosis of the liver (compensated/decompensated), liver cancer, is minimized;
  4. minimum number of side effects and contraindications for use (well-tolerated during treatment);
  5. ease of use (all tablets are taken at one time once a day without reference to food intake);
  6. convenience in treatment (a person takes medicine without changing his usual lifestyle, without interruption from work).
  7. excludes the possibility of drug poisoning with this drug. it is enough to adhere to simple rules for taking the medicine and follow all the recommendations of a specialist.


Strictly indicated by a hepatologist.

  1. Take 1 tablet per day at the same time. If for any reason, the patient did not take the drug, then the tablet is used immediately. If a lot of time has passed, then the next day, at the appointed time,
  2. without increasing the dose.
  3. Combined therapy with other antiviral drugs is recommended.
  4. Do not chew, drink plenty of plain non-carbonated water.
  5. If, after taking vomiting occurs, another dose is allowed.
  6. You can not arbitrarily change the dose or stop taking the drug, as this will increase the risk of side effects and reduce the guarantee of treatment.
  7. You must follow a diet. Strictly exclude fried, spicy, salty dishes, spices. Do not drink alcohol during the course of treatment.
  8. Driving is not recommended. Now there are also medicines such as Daklinza (Daclatasvir) cost that indirectly help treat Hepatitis C.

Side effects:

If you skip the drug, change the dosage, take interferon, unwanted manifestations are possible.

  1. Dizziness and headache;
  2. Digestive problems (lack of appetite, diarrhea, or constipation);
  3. Irritability, insomnia, panic attacks;
  4. Lethargy, fatigue.
  5. Contraindications:
  6. Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  7. Allergic reactions;
  8. Juvenile teens.


Women planning to have children, since the side effects of the components on the future fetus are unknown.

Patients with operations on the liver and kidneys, or their transplants.

Patients with chronic hepatic or renal failure.

Elderly people.

With other drugs, the use is allowed in the absence or insignificance of side effects.

Uncontrolled intake of certain drugs that lower blood pressure, in combination with Hepcinat, can lead to serious complications, even death. Now there are also medicines such as Daklinza (Daclatasvir) cost that indirectly help treat Hepatitis C.

The use of any prescription and non-prescription drugs must be strictly agreed with the attending physician.

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