Viraday tablets

Viraday Tablets Review

Brand Name: Viraday

International Trade Name: Atripla

Manufacturing Company: Cipla Ltd     

Composition: Efavirenz 600mg + emtricitabine 200mg + tenofovir 300mg

Prescription Required: Yes

Packing: 30 Tablets

Category: Anti-HIV Medicine



Viraday tablets (Atripla)

Viraday tablets are becoming quite popular, with the reliable brand name of Cipla. The most renowned tablet for Anti-HIV infection in the market. That has gained a lot of Fame and acknowledgment, within a very less time frame. Also known as Atripla, in the medical industry. 

You can simply buy viraday online, without any kind of problems. Since the reliable distributors are offering a discounted viraday Cipla price. So that anyone can order the tablets for HIV infection. Viraday can be taken along with other HIV prescribed medicines. Or can also be consumed standalone. You can simply buy Generic Atripla online 50% OFF and lowest Cost in India, Venezuela, USA, Malaysia, Colombia, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, & UK.

Viraday tablets price in India is cheaper when compared to another state. It is available in the packing of 30 tablets in a bottle. Though there are so many substitutes available in the market, which costs less. However the brand reliability and quality matter a lot. Anti-HIV medicines have proved to be very effective.


Viraday tablets consist of essential medicinal components – emtricitabine, tenofovir, and efavirenz. Cipla, being the most renowned and trustworthy name for medicines since ages.


To buy online tenofovir, efavirenz, and Emtricitabine online; you can simply place the order and get the delivery along with the discounts. Should be consumed once in a day, by the patient suffering from HIV infection. An empty stomach is prescribed, while you consume the tablet.

  • In case you are taking it in the morning, it is better not to eat anything for at least 1 hour.
  • In case you fix the consumption during bedtime, then there has to be 2 hours gap after your mealtime.
  • An order to avoid any kind of side effects. Double dosage should be avoided in any circumstances, even if the dosage is missed.

Side effects:

  1. Should not be consumed with alcohol. Also, it should be restricted in the pregnancy duration, as well as the lactation period. It should not be consumed by the patient, who is suffering from any kind of liver problem already. It is always better to consult the medical practitioner before you start taking the medicine.
  2. Some of the common side effects are dizziness, headache, depression, drowsiness, constipation, and diarrhea, nausea, sleep disorders, anxiety, and gastric problems. It is always advisable to swallow the tablet with a glass of water and do not chew or Break It, inside the mouth. It is always advisable to follow medical advice while taking any medication.

Viraday price & availability:

However, Atripla cost is quite expensive. You can buy online Viraday at a reasonable price by Medixo Centre contacting us.

How to Buy Viraday Online?

How to buy Viraday online


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