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  • Buy Revolade (Eltrombopag) 25 mg Online, Free Home Delivery - Medixo
Buy Revolade (Eltrombopag) 25 mg Online, Free Home Delivery - Medixo

Buy Revolade (Eltrombopag) 25 mg Online, Free Home Delivery - Medixo

  • Brand Name: Revolade 25mg
  • International Trade Name: Promacta
  • Manufacturing Company: Novartis
  • Composition: Eltrombopag 25mg
  • Prescription Required: Yes
  • Packing: 14 tablet
  • Category: Hepatitis C
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Where can I buy Revolade 25 mg Online from India?

Revolade 25mg, formerly known as Eltrombopag in medical industries, treats low platelet counts. One of the most severe and pathetic conditions patients face is increasing platelet counts in their bodies. Low platelet count makes it critical for people to live; several dangerous diseases cause such a state. Chronic immune (idiopathic) thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) or chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection causes a low platelet count. Doctors prescribe Revolade 25mg to treat such conditions and to treat severe aplastic anemia.

Revolade 25mg stimulates the formation of new platelets in the blood, which reduces bleeding. Since it is a thrombopoietin agonist and film-coated tablet, the patient needs to swallow it whole. 

Dosage of Revolade 25mg required

Dosage of eltrombopag depends on the age, disease, and condition, especially on a particular patient's platelet count. Doctors prescribe the lowest dosage of this film-coated tablet to maintain the platelet count of more than or equal to fifty thousand. The minimum dosage of eltrombopag that a person should take is 25mg per day in the primary stage. It takes about one to two weeks to increase platelet count in blood but once after discontinuation, the count decreases within a few weeks.

For people suffering from chronic hepatitis C virus, doctors combine the dosage of eltrombopag with other antiviral but only after checking the product's characteristics. With antiviral therapy, doctors aim to achieve a platelet count of fifty to seventy-five thousand platelets but not more than that. Clinical studies say that the minimal dosage of eltrombopag, which revolves around 25mg, is best for therapies once a day.

  1. Once the platelet count is fifty thousand or more; doctors suggest using the lowest dosage till the count is one lakh fifty thousand around.
  2. Once the count goes high and becomes around 2 to 2.5 lakhs, the dose of eltrombopag needs reduction.
  3. When the platelet count reaches 2.5 lakhs, the therapy needs to stop at this point, but the patient needs continuous monitoring for more than once a weak till the platelet count earns one lakh.

For patients suffering from Immune thrombocytopenic purpura infections, the daily dosage of eltrombopag should not exceed 75mg. It's essential to continually monitor patients' platelet count and condition through liver tests and clinical hematology during the therapy.


The daily dosage of eltrombopag should not exceed 75mg. But the preferable initial dosage is 25mg. A patient under eltrombopag therapy needs constant monitoring of liver tests and Clinical hematology. Once the treatment starts, full-body counts need to achieve at least fifty thousand platelets for a month.

  • The intake of eltrombopag for someone who consumes alcohol requires doctor consultancy
  • Doctors prohibit the intake of eltrombopag during pregnancy unless there is no other option left. If doctors have to use it for pregnant women, they will determine the best treatment.
  • Even for a mother who breastfeeds, eltrombopag is not an option unless it is necessary.

Revolade 25 mg Usage

Doctors prescribe Revolade 25mg for several infections. It treats patients with low platelet count. Doctors use it to treat –

  • Severe Aplastic anemia
  • Infection from chronic hepatitis C virus for adults
  • Immune thrombocytopenic purpura for kids aged over one year.

Revolade 25 mg Side effects

There are several major and minor side effects of Revolade 25mg. Here is a list of side effects that may occur:

  1. Urinary tract infections
  2. Nausea
  3. Toothache
  4. Tingling sensation
  5. Symptoms of flu
  6. Coughing blood
  7. Fast heartbeat
  8. Increase of liver enzymes
  9. Slurred speech
  10. Unclear or disturbed vision
  11. Dizziness
  12. Hair fall
  13. Repeated vomiting
  14. Pain in muscles
  15. Upper respiratory tract infection
  16. Diarrhea

Most of these are easy to cure. A patient who takes Revolade 25mg does not need to visit a doctor if they get any side effects. These are normal and probably go after a few days when the human body gets habituated to the medicine. But in case they don't disappear even after using for enough time, it might require medical observation.

Revolade 25mg Price in India

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