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  • Brand Name: Erlonat
  • International Trade Name: Tarceva
  • Manufacturing Company: Natco
  • Composition: Erlotinib 150 mg
  • Prescription Required: Yes
  • Packing: 30 Tablets
  • Category: Anti Cancer
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Where to buy Erlonat (Erlotinib) 150 mg Tablet online from India?

Erlonat 150 mg (Erlotinib) is one of the medicines that have been used in the treatment of cancer in the recent past by a lot of medical practitioners. It is a derivative of quinazoline and an antineoplastic agent and usually works as a protein kinase inhibitor for EGFR associated tyrosine kinase. “Erlotinib” blocks the functioning of certain proteins in the body which interfere in the growth of the cancer cells. Thus, known to slow down the intensity of the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Erlonat 150 mg Tablet (Erlotinib) is manufactured by “Natco” India and the generic version of this medicine is known as Tarceva (Erlotinib). Genetech and OSI market this medicine across the United States of America.


It’s used in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, which would have already been spread. These cells are not sensitive to chemotherapies but they have found be reduced with the treatment of this medicine.

This medicine also recommended for patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. You can “buy cheap Tarceva online” for both brand and generic medicine.


  1. Erlonat 150 mg is an anti-cancer medication hence, it is recommended accordingly by the practitioners.
  2. People suffering from kidney-related disorders can also use this medicine once it is prescribed.
  3. This medicine fights against the multiplication of “cancerous cells” in the body, it’s usually recommended by a lot of medical practitioners these days.
  4. They are recommended to be taken orally once a day or as directed by your physician.
  5. The usual advice for taking this drug would be on an empty stomach and it has to be taken 1 or 2 hours before or after the meal.
  6. Erlonat comes under the strength of 100 mg and 150 mg in each tablet.
  7. Erlonat 150 mg Tablet widely used in treating cancers. The Erlotinib 150 mg price varies depending on the dealers and the country where you order it from.

Side Effects and Cautions:

  1. There aren’t many side effects recorded with the usage of this medicine. However, patients undergoing chemotherapy which is platinum-based should avoid the usage of this medicine.
  2. Doctors usually test all the conditions prior to recommending this medicine hence; getting all the health tests done is a mandatory process before getting this line of treatment.
  3. Few patients would be sensitive towards the drug composition present in Erlonat 150 mg and such patients would not be recommended the usage of this medicine.
  4. Patients prescribed with this medicine have usually complained of fatigue, diarrhea, weight loss, conjunctivitis.

What is the price of Erlonat (Erlotinib) 150 mg in India?

You can buy Erlonat 150 mg online from Medixo Centre at the best price. Our Tarceva cost online at the lowest price in China and India are usually cheaper than other suppliers. Medixo Centre is an Indian government licensed approved pharmaceutical supplier, exporter of Erlonat 150 mg in the USA (United States of America), Russia, UK (United Kingdom), Canada, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, South Africa, Hong Kong, Cuba, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, South Korea, Jordan, Ecuador, Dubai (UAE), Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana, Peru, Ireland, Spain, Egypt, Mexico, Cyprus, Turkey, Indonesia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. We believe in healing. If you want to purchase Erlonat 150 mg tablet, place an order online with us today and we will deliver it at your destination. Our pharmacy has been making efforts to improve the lives of Anti Cancer patients by providing generic Anti Cancer medicine at hefty discounts.

Safety Advice


Being an allopathic health medicine, each patient can’t determine this fact for the effectiveness of this medicine. Before taking it with alcohol and addictive assets, you ask the prescription of a doctor.


If you are in the pregnancy stage, then available ingredient ingredients it is not safe to intake this medicine. It contains sufficient evidence that forbids the fetus's development in the embryo. There is a rare possibility to cure cancer-related while you are pregnant. The doctor’s suggestion will applicable only that the percentage of the benefits is more than any other health risk.


Perhaps, intake of this medicine is not at the safe stage. Some of the restricted data indicate that minute particles of this medicine dissolve in breast milk and harm the baby’s health to some extent.


Only those patients can tell that swallowing of Erlonat tablets does side effects on their health. None of you are aware of this truth that driving ability will change after taking this medicine. One should have to leave its utilization in case it shows any side-effect in terms of concentrate and react.


It can be used to patients for curing life with full precautions. However, the patient should have to do dose adjustment of this medicine as per the worse situation of their health. They would have to doctor consult after examination of their health.

  Doctor Advice

Under the supervision of a medical professional, the consumption of this medicine can have the best possible usage. So a doctor can effectively guide and educate the patient about the usage and effect of this medicine. It is most important to keep in touch with your doctor during the treatment.



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