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Buy Cabazitaxel (Kabanat) 60 mg Injection Online & Low Prices At Medixo

Buy Cabazitaxel (Kabanat) 60 mg Injection Online & Low Prices At Medixo

  • Brand Name: kabanat 60mg
  • International Trade Name: Jevtana
  • Manufacturing Company: Natco
  • Composition: Cabazitaxel 60mg
  • Prescription Required: Yes
  • Packing: 1 vial
  • Category: Anti Cancer
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Where to Buy Cabazitaxel (Kabanat) 60 mg Injection Online?

Kabanat 60 mg generally known as cabazitaxel, comes under the medicine group antineoplastics. This medicine under the trade name Jevtana is used for treating patients who are suffering from the advanced level of prostate cancer.

Natco Pharma Ltd has manufactured the Injection Kabanat 60 mg that is useful in treating prostate cancer. The medicine interferes with the cancer cells' growth to destroy them. It is said to destroy the DNA of the prostate cancer cells. Thus, it helps in controlling the growth of these cells, thus curing cancer slowly. It is a prescription medicine and should not be taken on your own.

Prostate cancer may at times show up its symptoms quite late. Initially, it may show up symptoms such as difficulty in urinating that can confuse some other issues such as kidney diseases. When cancer has reached out to a much-advanced level, treatment options such as chemotherapy and others stop showing results.

In such a case, when other medicines are not useful, Cabazitaxel 60mg stands out to be a great option in treating cancer. Only a medical professional can suggest the usage of this Cabazitaxel 60mg Injection. It directly attacks the cancer cells to destroy them and prevent them from growing further.


Kabanat is available in the dose of 60 mg. The medicine is useful in treating cancer, but you cannot take it all alone as it comes along with several side effects too. Only a professional health specialist can guide you with the dosage and the consumption of the medicine in the right way.

Side Effects/ Caution:

While getting treated by Cabazitaxel 60 mg, there is some specific safety advice that you should take care of.

  • It is unsafe to use Cabazitaxel if you have a habit of drinking.
  • Also, it is unsafe if you drive vehicles regularly.
  • It can be unsafe even for your liver. So, you should have a check whether your liver is healthy or not.
  • You should consult your doctor for other cases such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, or other illnesses or medicines.

It is important to maintain all these cautions because Cabazitaxel 60 mg can show up several side effects. Some of the side effects that one can go through are:

  1. Nausea and vomiting,
  2. Weakness and backpain,
  3. Constipation and diarrhea,
  4. Abdominal pain along with loss in appetite,
  5. Cough,
  6. Change in taste,
  7. Breathing trouble.

Apart from these some side effects, you can also face some serious side effects due to the dosage of Cabazitaxel 60 mg. These are:

  1. Reduction in the levels of blood platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells,
  2. The infection of stomatitis,
  3. Loss of hair,
  4. Blood in the urine.

But not everyone suffers from such side effects. Such side effects happen only when you have not discussed your lifestyle and other important details with the doctor carefully. This can also happen when you have started the injection without any kind of professional advice. Doing such a thing can even lead to many other serious consequences.

The professionals will analyze your cancer level and other elements to suggest you the right dose of Cabazitaxel 60mg. This method reduces the chances of any side effects to quite an extent.

Cabazitaxel (Kabanat) 60 mg Low Prices At MedixoCentre

Kabanat 60 mg is a prescription drug and should not be purchased without an authorized prescription. This can be one of the reasons for its high price. It is available in 1 vial of 1.5 ml. Though Cabazitaxel 60 mg Injection Price is expensive, you can get it at a much-discounted price when you buy it from the right place. Try Buy Cabazitaxel 60 mg Online from the Medixo Centre to get a generous amount of discount on the actual price of the injection.



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