What is Fatigue Symptoms Cause & Cure Fatigue – Medixo Centre

What is Fatigue Symptoms Cause & Cure Fatigue – Medixo Centre

TOPIC: Fatigue

A common complaint of a symptom and not a disease is FATIGUE. It is an uncomfortable and worn out state of physical fitness where a person or a normal human being fees low, lethargic, exhausted and tiresome to do any future tasks.

Symptoms :

  • Not feeling well in morning.
  • Feeling Low and sleep deprived.
  • Not able to work that efficiently and effectively.
  • Depressed Mind and its state.
  • Feels anxious and agitated on inner levels of the body.
  • Diarrhea and Fever.

Causes :

  • Heavy and Long working hours.
  • Not Proper Sleep.
  • Blood supply is less to the body tissues.
  • Vitamins Deficiency can also cause fatigue.
  • Loss of Physical and mental state.

How to cure fatigue?

  • Exercise every day can cure fatigue within some time frame.
  • Meditation and Yoga can also help the body to rejuvenate and heal fatigue.
  • Working with a stable state of mind the whole day and radiating happiness to everyone whom you meet and communicate.

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