Velasof tablets

Velasof tablets “Review”

Brand Name: Velasof

International Trade Name: Epclusa

Manufacturing Company: Hetero Healthcare Ltd.

Composition: Sofosbuvir 400mg &Velpatasvir 100mg

Prescription Required: Yes

Packing: 28 Tablets

Category: Hepatitis C Medicine



Velasof tablets (Sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir)

Suffering from Hepatitis can be one of the most disastrous things and when you have a cure for it through. One such medicine is the Velasof that is used in the treatment of chronic Hepatitis C and the virus causing the infection. This medicine has been effective in terms of curing the disease.

How do work?

Since Velasof tablets are a combination of two antiviral drugs manufactured by Hetero healthcare Sofosbuvir 400mg and Velpatasvir 100mg, Velasof tablets are considered to be more effective. Both these medicines in combination work efficiently against the HCV virus responsible for causing Hepatitis C. The medicine is quite effectual in the removal of the Hepatitis C causing a virus from the blood when taken regularly.

Velasof Side Effects:

There aren’t many side effects observed or recorded with the usage of this medicine but the most common problems found are a headache and fatigue. In case if the pain gets too extreme it is recommended to consult your doctor for medications.


  1. This medicine is available in 400mg/100mg dosages and has to be taken regularly under the instructions of a doctor.
  2. Taking this medicine regularly at a fixed time is very important.
  3. The Velasof price is affordable than Epclusa hence, everyone can take this medicine and since they can be ordered on certain websites, you can go ahead and buy Velasof as well.

Directions to use:

  1. Seeking a medical practitioner’s advice is highly recommended before you consume any medicines and especially for chronic Hepatitis C, it is mandatory that you take your medicines only after proper diagnosis.
  2. Velasof tablets are recommended to be taken orally by mouth with water.
  3. Swallowing the tablet whole is recommended and crushing or chewing this tablet is not wise.
  4. Also, never break this medicine into halves and then consume.
  5. Taking this medicine with or without food would not make much of a difference.
  6. Maintaining a fixed time to take this medicine is good and would have more effect.

Precautions to take when you are taking this medicine:

Every medicine has its limitations and especially when you are on a medicine for the treatment of Hepatitis C. You need to be extra careful, These medicines are now available in India and the “Velasof price in India” is affordable too as a lot of people might be suffering from Hepatitis C. Understanding the complete directions given on the medicine and taking the necessary precautions is very important.

  1. Velasof tablets have been safe on almost all the patients used until now. However, the consumption of alcohol while taking this medicine can be avoided though there is no evidence of any reactions found until now. It is also recommended to consult your doctor once for a better understanding.
  2. Breastfeeding mothers can also take this medicine as the reports so far have shown no significant effects hence, it is considered safe.
  3. This medicine can also be taken during pregnancies as well. There are no pieces of evidence so far that show any sort of harmful effects or reactions when used.
  4. When this medicine is taken along with any other medicines can sometimes cause dizziness due to the reaction of the components from the other medicines. Hence, it is recommended not to drive until and unless you are completely alright.
  5. People with kidney complaints or any other kidney-related issues should always consult. Their doctors before taking this medicine as there are certain adjustments that require to be done.
  6. If you have troubles with your liver, you can go ahead and use this medicine, however; getting regular liver tests as suggested by the doctor is very important.
  7. Do keep your doctor informed about any sort of allergies or reactions to any medicines if you have any.

How to Buy Velasof Online?

How to Buy Velasof online



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