Veenat 100mg capsules

Veenat 100mg Review

Brand Name: Veenat

International Trade Name:  Gleevec

Manufacturing Company: Natco Pharma Ltd.

Active Ingredients:  Imatinib mesylate 100mg

Prescription Required: Yes

Packing: 120 Tablets

Category: Anti-Cancer Medicine



Veenat 100mg capsules (Imatinib)

Veenat 100mg capsules are composed of  Imatinib mesylate, generically which gets manufactured by “Natco” has been widely used in the line of treatment for people suffering from blood cancer also called chronic myeloid leukemia and tumor-related to the gastrointestinal stroma. This medicine has been now largely recommended by a lot of doctors as patient’s can buy Imatinib online easily.

Directions to use

This medicine is available in the form of capsules and the dosages to be taken are as recommended by the practitioners. Veenat 100mg has to be taken with food at all times.

How Does Work

This medicine reacts very well in curing cancer by fighting against the abnormal protein that enhances the growth of cancerous cells. This anti-cancer medication and also reduces the multiplication of the cancer cells and also at times has been known to completely stop the growth of the cancerous cells.

Precautions to take

  1. The medicine should never be broken or chewed or dissolved in water as per your convenience.
  2. This medicine should not be taken after food or on an empty stomach.
  3. Remember to take this medicine with one full glass of water with food
  4. You should always take this medicine regularly as prescribed by your medical practitioner.
  5. Never discontinue the medicine without checking with your doctor at any cost.
  6. Keep your doctor informed about any other medicine or any diets if you are into.
  7. Pregnant women, lactating women, and breastfeeding mothers should check with their doctors before taking this medicine.


A lot of patients have complained about:

  1. Blurred vision
  2. Dizziness
  3. Fatigue
  4. Water retention in certain body parts
  5. Swelling
  6. Weight gain

Veenat 100mg Cost and Availability

This anti-cancer medicine is available in India and patients can buy Veenat 100mg capsules online without having to go to any of the dispensaries. The medicine comes in the form of capsules and the Generic Imatinib 50% off  and Free Shipping on Every order at the lowest price in the Philippines, China, India, UK, Egpyt, & Malaysia is quite reasonable with us.

How to Buy Veenat 100mg online price in India?

How to Buy Veenat 100mg online


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