Tadalafil Citrate

Tadalafil Citrate “Review”

Brand Name: Tadacip

International Trade Name: Cialis

Manufacturing Company: Cipla

Strength: Tadalafil 20mg

Prescription Required: Yes

Packing: 4 Tablets

Category: Erectile Dysfunction


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Treating male dysfunctional problems using Tadalafil Citrate also known as Cialis has been quite effective these days. This is one of the medicines which have been used in the treatment of erectile problems and dysfunctional related issues (BPH). This medicine is used in treating patients who are suffering from impotency related and erectile dysfunctional issues as well.  This medicine ensures to increase the flow of blood to Penis and keeps the erection for a longer duration preventing the symptoms of BPH.

This medicine is also extensively used in the line of treatment for an enlarged prostate as well. The difficulty in urine flow and stream weakness can also be treated with the help of this medicine. This medicine is also used to treat the conditions like frequent urinating especially during the night. A lot of doctors these days recommend this medicine for the treatment of enlarged prostate too.

However, while using this medicine one must know that it does not give protection againstHIV”, Hepatitis B, gonorrhea and Syphilis. Hence, using condoms becomes absolutely necessary when you are having a sexual intercourse. Also, seek recommendations from your doctors on the same.

Tadalafil Citrate Directions to Uses


  • Remember to read the information leaflet given inside the medicine and also seek your doctor’s advice before taking this medicine.
  • This medicine can be taken with or without food and it should not be taken more than once in a day. This medicine has to be taken as a whole and should never be crushed, dissolved or broken as per your convenience.
  • Remember to tell your doctor about all the medications which you may be undergoing for any other diseases.
  • This medicine is used in the treatment of BPH hence; it has to be taken as per the directions were given by the doctor else, it may have adverse effects. If you are on finasteride, which is also a medicine used in treating the conditions of BPH, do remember to tell your doctor about it as they would alter the dosages accordingly.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be treated in two ways using “Tadalafil Citrate”. You need to seek your doctor’s suggestion when you are taking this medicine as they would suggest the dosages accordingly as well. Doctors may even prescribe to take this medicine before 30 minutes of sexual activity and the medicine’s effect would last for 36 hours.
  • The next way to take this medicine is once every day. When it is taken this way, there is no restriction on the sexual activity as it can be done at any time between the doses.

Tadalafil Citrate Side Effects


  1. Some of the common “side effects” reported by patients are headache, issues related to stomach, back and muscle pain.
  2. Some people have even complained about “dizziness, severe cold and also lightheadedness.
  3. As there could be some strain exerted during sexual activity, if you faint or get dizzy you need to either stop it immediately or seek medical assistance immediately.
  4. There could also be issues related to chest, jaw, nausea and left arm pain, a problem with vision and also permanent blindness. Hence, seeking medical assistance before taking this medicine is very important.
  5. NAION could be developed if you are already suffering from heart disease and diabetes.
  6. Some people have even complained of hearing loss along with ringing in the ears too.
  7. There haven’t been any serious allergic reactions recorded as yet but these are some of the common “side effects”.

Precautions to take this medicine


  • Some of the components in the medicine are passive and can cause certain allergic reactions hence; you need to take this medicine after seeking proper medical guidance from a licensed practitioner.
  • Remember to keep your doctor informed about your medical condition, history and also the medicines which you take before getting on this medicine.
  • Keep yourselves away from alcohol or any other products which can make you feel dizzy while taking this medicine and you can choose to “buy Tadalafil online”.
  • This medicine, however, is not used by women it is good to check with your doctors in case if you are breastfeeding.
  • Never use it with nitrates as it can drastically lower your blood pressure levels and Riociguat can also have some serious effects as it reacts with this medicine. Also, keep your doctors informed if you are taking any alpha blockers to get the prostate related issues treated as well before using this medicine.
  • Taking this medicine with any other drugs which have the content of Tadalafil can be riskier. Hence, keep your doctors informed about it.

Tadalafil price in India

This “medicine” is available online hence; patients who are prescribed with this medicine can “buy generic Cialis online”. This medicine is available everywhere and also people from India can “buy Tadalafil from India” itself.


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