Isentress 400 mg

Isentress 400 mg Review

Brand Name: Isentress

Manufacturing Company: Merck & Co.

Strength: Raltegravir 400 mg

Prescription Required: Yes

Packing: 60 Tablets

Category: Anti-HIV Medicine



Isentress 400 mg: Buy Generic Raltegravir online 79$ Cost in India, USA & UK

HIV virus has been a challenge for all medical practitioners for a very long time. Though the disease has no permanent cure, attempts in the areas of treatment to reduce the infection and increase the lifespan of the patients are made. The inventions of medicines like Isentress 400 mg have given hopes to a lot of people suffering from HIV. You can buy generic Raltegravir 79$ per month cost in India, USA, UK, & Mexico.

This medicine should be taken as per the recommendation of a doctor and can be taken either alone or combining with other medicines depending on the line of treatment and severity of the disease. Generic Raltegravir makes the immune system stronger fighting against the growth of HIV and their multiplication in the body. Though it isn’t a cure, this medicine has been found quite effective in preventing the cells from further growth. This medicine has to be taken under proper medical guidance and should be prescribed only to adults and elderly patients.

Precautions to take while taking

  1. This medicine has to be taken only with the proper prescription along with proper dosages as recommended by the doctors. Taking this medicine in larger or smaller dosages may become ineffective and at times dangerous as well. The course of the medicine along with the time has to be maintained while taking Isentress 400 mg Tablet and only then the infection would stop spreading. Remember to take precautions related to hygiene when this medicine is prescribed.
  2. Taking this medicine with or without food is completely safe and does not cause any difference in the treatment process. As it belongs to the family of HIV drugs called the Integrase strand transfer inhibitor, this medicine effectively reduces the multiplication of HIV in the body thus, increasing the strength of the immune system gradually.
  3. Keep the doctors informed about any of the medical conditions and history in order to get proper treatment. This medicine is known to react with other medicines like Rifampicin and also the components such as Aluminum Hydroxide, Magnesium Hydroxide, and Magnesium oxide. Hence, keeping the doctors informed about the list of medicines which you are taking is necessary.
  4. People who have undergone treatment for any liver-related issues should keep the practitioners informed as this medicine can cause adverse effects in the later stages. Also, getting liver tests done periodically during this treatment is also needed.
  5. Interaction with alcohol and any sort of food is unknown. However, seeking advice from doctors can be beneficial while taking this medicine.
  6. Pregnant ladies who are planning for a baby should always stay away from taking this medicine unless absolutely prescribed. Keeping the doctors informed about your health status is mandatory during the course of the treatment.

Side effects

  1. People taking this medicine usually complain of fever and an increase in the pulse rate than usual.
  2. There are also cases where traces of blood in the urine have been found while taking this medicine.
  3. Hoarseness and irritation can also be some of the other side-effects during the treatment.
  4. People have also come up with a loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing and skin related problems like rashes and spots, irritation and itchiness, redness etc…
  5. This medicine can also induce stomach pain, especially in the upper right region.
  6. Nausea and vomiting are also the other side effects recorded in patients who are prescribed with this medicine.

Cost and Availability

Isentress 400 mg is available starting from 8000 INR/- and a lot of people prefer to “buy Isentress online” as it is a convenient option. This is the Isentress price in India, USA, UK and it is again dependent on the manufacturer and also the recommendation from the doctors. It is very important to check the quality along with “Isentress cost”.

This medicine is available online at a prescription. Buying them online is pretty convenient as you would get the medicines without fail due to availability.

How to Buy Isentress 400 mg online

How to buy Isentress 400 mg online


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