Dolutegravir 50 mg

Instgra tablet “Review”

Brand Name: Instgra

International Trade Name: Tivicay

Manufacturing Company: Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Active Ingredient: Dolutegravir 50 mg

Prescription Required: Yes

Packing: 30 Tablets

Category: Anti-HIV Medicine



Dolutegravir 50 mg Brand Name (Instgra) online cost in India

Dolutegravir 50 mg (Instgra tablet) is the one that belongs to integrase inhibitors which are a class of drugs known to treat HIV causing virus. Sold under the brand name Tivicay, Instgra 50 mg is not only used in the treatment of HIV. They are also known for fighting against the virus. It also stops the growth and also prevents the other cells from getting infected too.

Usage of Dolutegravir (Instgra)

With a lot of practitioners recommend the Dolutegravir 50 mg (Instgra tablet) along with the other medications used to treat HIV. It is used because “Dolutegravir India” Instgra 50 mg is known to have reduced the amount of HIV causing virus drastically. It also helps in the proper functioning of the immune system.

Side-effects of Dolutegravir (Instgra)

  1. There aren’t a lot of side effects that are reported with the usage of this medicine. But it is known to sometimes induce allergic reactions that include itching, hives and also rashes.
  2. Dolutegravir 50 mg can sometimes also cause issues like a tightness in the chest; swelling of certain parts of the face including lips, throat and also sometimes it can create very weird hoarseness in the throat.
  3. It also can induce fever which can sometimes become severe as well. In case of extreme throat pain or ulcers and mouth blisters, it is recommended to get in touch with a doctor immediately.
  4. At times, people taking this medicine have also complained of muscle pain and joint aches.
  5. Some of the patients have even complained of liver issues too.


Seeking medical expertise and letting the doctors know completely about your medical history including the list of medicines and any allergies or reactions to any medicine is very important because at times usage of Dolutegravir 50 mg (Instgra India) can sometimes react with the other medicines as well.

Getting all the tests done including the blood and urine is also mandatory.

Pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should completely avoid taking these medicines as they can have a direct impact on the fetus.

Dolutegravir 50 mg price and availability

These medicines are available online for sale along with the Dolutegravir tablets price too. It’s now available in India as well Dolutegravir 50 mg price in India (Instgra price) is very affordable. These medicines are made affordable so that patients suffering from HIV can buy Dolutegravir online 1% Cost at Medixo Centre without having to search elsewhere.

How to buy Dolutegravir (Instgra 50 mg) order online in India?

How to buy Dolutegravir 50 mg online


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