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Harvoni comes in a combination of Ledipasvir & Sofosbuvir. This medication is used extensively in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C meaning, Hepatitis that is long-lasting and which has already caused a lot of damages to the liver. This medicine is usually used with ribavirin which is another antiviral medication.

The Hepatitis C Medicine causing virus is largely used with the usage of this medicine and it also improves the overall immune system. It is usually used in the line of treatment for patients suffering from chronic hepatitis C. These infections can even damage the liver to an extent causing some of the serious issues like scarring (cirrhosis), or liver cancer. The usage of this medicine regularly would help the patients recover faster as well.

Directions to use Harvoni

  1. A patient leaflet would always be available with almost all the medicines hence; that have to be carefully read before taking “Harvoni”.
  2. Consult a good medical practitioner who can diagnose properly and recommend the dosages. Do not take the medicine without consulting a doctor.
  3. It is always recommended to take Harvoni by mouth and it should not be broken, crushed or dissolved in water as it may reduce the effect of the medicine. Take the medicine with water and swallow it.
  4. This medicine would usually be recommended to be taken once in a day.
  5. Always remember to take the medicine at the same time every day so that the results would be effective. Maintaining the same amount of dosages and the time would always give better results.
  6. The doctors should be kept informed if vomiting occurs within 5 hours of medicine consumption. They can always recommend you to take another dose but this again based on the severity of the issue.
  7. Taking the medicine as prescribed throughout the course is very important. Discontinuing the medicine the moment the symptoms disappear may lead to other complications related to liver or the chances of the infection relapsing would be higher.
  8. If you are on antacids, it is recommended that you take it 5 hours prior to consuming Ledipasvir & Sofosbuvir as antacids lower the absorption of this medicine.
  9. Check with your doctors and also give them a list of medicines that you are taking especially for indigestion or any other stomach related problems. These medicines would lower the effectiveness of Harvoni. Hence, keeping the doctors informed about these are very important. The doctors would always recommend an alternative way to use these medicines.

Side effects of Harvoni

  • Patients suffering from hep c treatment harvoni have usually complained about being tired, having headache, nausea and insomnia as well.
  • A few of them have even reported symptoms of developing skin rashes, itching and also shortness of breath.
  • Though there are no serious issues reported, if in case if any of these symptoms worsen it is mandatory to get in touch with your doctor immediately. 

Precautions while taking Harvoni

  1. You should always keep your doctors informed about the list of medicines that you are taking and should also get all the tests done. You need to also inform them about any sort of allergies or reactions which you are prone to. Also, keep them informed if you have allergies towards Harvoni as well.
  2. The doctors should always have a tab on the medical history of the patients and especially if they have undergone any treatments related to kidney or any other liver issues.
  3. Try not to use Harvoni if you are planning to get pregnant, or already pregnant. Lactating mothers are also expected to refrain from the usage of Harvoni especially if it is combined with Ribavirin 200mg Capsules.
  4. Also, try not having unsafe sex. It is always good to have protection while having intercourse while you are on this medicine. It is also recommended to use contraceptive pills and condoms even after 6 months of treatment.
  5. You should never take this medicine with any other medicines that contain Sofosbuvir. Also, some of the other medicines like amiodarone, simeprevir, and rosuvastatin it may reduce the effectiveness of Harvoni.

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