Abiraterone 250 mg tablets

Abiraterone 250 mg tablets, price, Uses, Side-Effects, Dosage in India

Abiraterone 250 mg tablets usually referred to as “Zytiga by a lot of physicians is highly used in the treatment of men suffering from castration-resistant prostate cancer. This medicine is always given in combination with prednisone. Abiraterone 250 mg tablets are given to patients who would have already undergone chemotherapy which contains docetaxel. Since this “medicine” is used in the treatment of hormone therapy; it comes under the classification of adrenal inhibitor.

How does Abiraterone 250 mg tablets work?

Since this medicine falls under the classification of hormone inhibitor it is known to block the growth of certain hormones which are responsible for causing prostate cancer. Since prostate cancer is caused by the production of male hormones like androgens/testosterone, this medicine releases a specific enzyme which reduces the growth of androgens. This medicine interferes directly with the organs the like testes and adrenal glands and restricts the production of androgens thus, preventing the growth of prostate cancerous cells.

Directions to use Abiraterone 250 mg tablets

  • Since Abiraterone acetate is a tablet it has to be taken orally as a whole and once a day.
  • This medicine should always be taken a couple of hours after food or one hour before. It is usually prescribed to be taken on an empty stomach for better results.
  • Taking this medicine at the same time every day is very important in order to get better results.
  • Abiraterone 250mg should always be taken in combination with prednisone 10 mg.
  • The dosage of this medicine depends upon the discretion of the doctor along with the conditions of the patient. Hence, consulting a licensed physician is very important while taking this medicine.

Side Effects of Abiraterone 250 mg tablets

  • Patients taking this medicine would usually complain of Fluid Retention
  • There have been reports of an increase in the triglycerides of patients taking this medicine
  • Increase in the liver enzymes, joint swelling and other discomfort have been noticed in patients taking this medicine.
  • Patients have also complained of a decrease in the levels of potassium, phosphorous, swelling of the hand, feet, and ankle.
  • The other side effects of taking this medicine are hot flashes, diarrhea, cold, cough, muscles and joint pain.

Precautions while using this medicine

  • This medicine generates enzymes in the adrenal glands which in turn generates the androgens. Hence, patients with high BP should be closely administered while on this drug else, the chances of heart-related issues can become higher.
  • Always remember to give your complete medical history to your doctor before starting the treatment of Abiraterone 250mg.
  • Women should never use this medicine and in case if the doctors prescribe it is mandatory that pregnant ladies and lactating mothers should refrain from this medicine.
  • This medicine is known to cause harmful effects for the fetus hence; it should not be given to ladies who are going to become pregnant or already pregnant.
  • Using contraceptive pills or any other safety measures while having sexual intercourse is very important as part of preventive measures.
  • Get regular blood and kidney tests were done during the treatment of this medicine.

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